Class JsonObjectRequest

  extended by<T>
      extended by<org.json.JSONObject>
          extended by
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public class JsonObjectRequest
extends JsonRequest<org.json.JSONObject>

A request for retrieving a JSONObject response body at a given URL, allowing for an optional JSONObject to be passed in as part of the request body.

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Request.Method, Request.Priority
Constructor Summary
JsonObjectRequest(int method, java.lang.String url, org.json.JSONObject jsonRequest, Listener<org.json.JSONObject> listener)
          Creates a new request.
JsonObjectRequest(java.lang.String url, org.json.JSONObject jsonRequest, Listener<org.json.JSONObject> listener)
          Constructor which defaults to GET if jsonRequest is null, POST otherwise.
Method Summary
protected  Response<org.json.JSONObject> parseNetworkResponse(NetworkResponse response)
          Subclasses must implement this to parse the raw network response and return an appropriate response type.
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Constructor Detail


public JsonObjectRequest(int method,
                         java.lang.String url,
                         org.json.JSONObject jsonRequest,
                         Listener<org.json.JSONObject> listener)
Creates a new request.

method - the HTTP method to use
url - URL to fetch the JSON from
jsonRequest - A JSONObject to post with the request. Null is allowed and indicates no parameters will be posted along with request.
listener - Listener to receive the JSON response or error message


public JsonObjectRequest(java.lang.String url,
                         org.json.JSONObject jsonRequest,
                         Listener<org.json.JSONObject> listener)
Constructor which defaults to GET if jsonRequest is null, POST otherwise.

See Also:
JsonObjectRequest(int, String, JSONObject, Listener)
Method Detail


protected Response<org.json.JSONObject> parseNetworkResponse(NetworkResponse response)
Description copied from class: Request
Subclasses must implement this to parse the raw network response and return an appropriate response type. This method will be called from a worker thread. The response will not be delivered if you return null.

Specified by:
parseNetworkResponse in class JsonRequest<org.json.JSONObject>
response - Response from the network
The parsed response, or null in the case of an error