Class BitmapImageCache

  extended by<java.lang.String,>
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class BitmapImageCache
extends LruCache<java.lang.String,>
implements ImageLoader.ImageCache

Constructor Summary
BitmapImageCache(int maxSize)
Method Summary getBitmap(java.lang.String url)
 void putBitmap(java.lang.String url, bitmap)
protected  int sizeOf(java.lang.String key, value)
          Returns the size of the entry for key and value in user-defined units.
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Constructor Detail


public BitmapImageCache(int maxSize)
Method Detail


protected int sizeOf(java.lang.String key,
Description copied from class: LruCache
Returns the size of the entry for key and value in user-defined units. The default implementation returns 1 so that size is the number of entries and max size is the maximum number of entries.

An entry's size must not change while it is in the cache.

sizeOf in class LruCache<java.lang.String,>


public getBitmap(java.lang.String url)
Specified by:
getBitmap in interface ImageLoader.ImageCache


public void putBitmap(java.lang.String url,
Specified by:
putBitmap in interface ImageLoader.ImageCache